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South African Boer Goat Does


Our Foundation, Brood, and Production does are some of the very best in the country.




Shiny is a double bred HC Flasher and is the mother of Moonshine . If you need some muscle if she has any buck kids in 2015 ask about them . She is bred to Whistler so I am expecting something good . You can use your imagination what she can look like fitted up when she looks like this in the pasture .


I'm very proud of this doe she became ennobled at this show . But what I find amazing she has produced show quality kids with four different bucks . She is retired from showing now and her daughter is off to a good start winning her class both day with good competition . Her youngest daughter hasn't been shown yet but she is nice and can hold her own with the best .

If your looking for mass and overall size consider a buck kid from Spot of Gold . She is bred to Whistler for spring 2015 kids . Her pedigree is solid with her dam being a  Bono/Pipen ( full sister to Polar Express) daughter and  sire Splash of Class * Ennobled * .

If you like muscle , great mothering instincts , good udder and pretty that describes this wonderful doe . Her dam is a double bred Bono *Ennobled* doe and sire is Splash of Class * Ennobled * .

Diamond is a tri-colored doe that produces nice colorful fast growing kids . She is bred to a red buck for 2015 kids . She usually has triplets and has thrown black and reds .

I bought this doe at a sale not only is she pretty to look at with her 4 different colors but she has a very different combination of color and powerful corrects . I don't think she is going to win any shows but she can produce kids that can compete . I bred her to Moonshine for 2015 kids I am trying to get the thickness to come back out of her and her kids and if i get some color thats a plus . These kids should be perfect to breed back to color and get some Power and Color .

I just love these two does . Cheerio will one day be a massive doe much like her Dam and Grand Dam . Panda is a 200 lb. doe just to give you an idea of size . We have shown Cheerio and she has held her own against does that have not kidded as many times as her nor had the amount of kids . Most of my show does have to work for a living and none are divided up in small pens and fed something different than the herd . So when I show my does in most cases your not comparing apples to apples . So when you can compete you know where you would be if you did what some other show people do .
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Boer Goat Doe

Chayote passed Spring of 2013 and will be greatly missed . She was a big beautiful sized doe that had an equally big heart for us . She gave us our first ennobled doe and a line of goats that many love to look at . To us she was a part of our family since we raised her from a bottle baby until she died from old age . She loved oak leaves and when she quit eating we made sure to get her some and that turned out to be her last supper . Even weak she made it outside her last day before passing and I got to say bye for the last time before going to work knowing this would be the last time I saw her alive . Sally called me a little later that day to confirm what I already knew was coming .

Money Penny

Boer Goat Doe

Money Penny is a beautiful Cash Reward *Ennobled * daughter. She kidded out three nice kids in December of 2007 out of Ammo . We kept one doe and sold the the buck and doe. The buck ( Polar Express ) went on to be have a successful show carrer capping it off by being the ABGA Reserve National Champion . His kids now are being shown and are doing great . We are very thankful to all who made this possible and a BIG THANK YOU to Sunshine boer goats .

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