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Kids will be for sale out of these breedings or doe/kid packages may be available after kidding .

 Breedings for 2017 : (Not all does will be for sale just a listing to let you know what we will be having for kids but we will let some go as package deals . )
1) Cheerio (Huge paint doe ) / bred to Fireball (red buck ) kids late spring 2017
Reserve choice of buck kids $1200 or doe kids $2500 . There is a possibility of bottle babies she had 5 kids last time . Bottle babies will priced with or without papers but you will want to register them so we can sell them with an application . If you can pick the bottle babies up shortly after we will offer them at a very fair price . I'm not expecting any flaws or imperfections but if there is they will be priced more reasonable . If your wondering how good the doe is Mark Fraser offered me a very good price for her but I told him she isn't for sale .
2) Jazzmine (correct ) bred to Fireball  Her dam , sire and sisters are red . She is one of three and kidded once with a single . She is very fertile and has a higher chance to produce mutiples   from this point forward. She is a good size doe weighing over 200 lbs. She is tame but hasn't been shown but wouldn't take much to train her . $1250
3) Sparkle (correct) her sire has around 80 ABGA show points . She is very tame also could make a show doe . Her dam produced a buck kid that was a good show buck . She is a big doe also and has some growing to do . $1250
4) A dark red paint buck kid that has clean teats . His Dam is Voodoo Queen and we will confirm with DNA his sire . There is only two options Fireball or Witch Doctor . $800 at weaning or reserve him now with a $300 deposit and $300 at weaning . We reserve the right to change his price as he matures if we haven't received a deposit on him . She kidded once with a buck and doe kid .


We use this page to list our Boer Goats For Sale.
We are currently not listing any Boer Goats for Sale. Please fill out our contact form or send us an email if you are interested in finding out when we will be listing some new ones.
Due to our location, we are able to offer Boer Goats for Sale to people in many states, including Illinois.

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Kelly and Sally Mahan
3691 Westfield Road
Winnebago, IL 61088


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